Monday, December 14, 2009

Divided we stand, united we fall

Alas! Yet again a new state added to the canvas of the country. One more line division in the map of the country. One more partition, one more administrative set up and yet another string of ‘new’ ministers in the newly formed ‘state assembly’. Telangana is announced as the new state of the country taking the toll of different states in the country to 29.
It is interesting to note that – how easy it has become to bend the government to perform a rather herculean task of creating a new state. Form a social activist group, make a mark in the public, gather people around, gain their support and ask a leader or supposed bakra to go on a hunger strike and the end result – your own state. Such a political game makes the government weak in their knees. Rather than concentrating on international issues and making a mark in the international arena, it is battling in its own territory.
If one looks at the history of formation of new states in the country, 4 of those are being added in the last 9 years, whereas previously from independence to 2000 we were ‘content’ with 25 states. One sees a shift of attitude of the independent ruling party where divide and rule seems to be obvious choice than managing a particularly large region. Andra Pradesh, which was said to be second largest state now has lost that tag – thanks to the formation of a new state, there by cutting the cake only Andra Pradesh enjoyed.
Many discussions and debates are on giving a comparison with America – the country whom we Indians have always looked upto for reasons unknown. Since they have 50 states, India should also welcome more states. But not many look at the other side, many states in India means more regional offices, more of corruption. The formation of new states ultimately betters chance of the beaurocrats to feast on added ‘malai’ (read money) to take home.
What is saddening is to known the so called ‘aspirant states’ have gained momentum with this formation. One must question whether this is formation, or dis-formation of the already existing or unnecessarily making parts of the whole.
This intra- country - partition will give rise to a new state epidemic where anyone will raise voice for a new state. Not cutting a vulnerable cake like India into parts anymore should be a strict course of action of the government henceforth.
If not such a stand, we need to rephrase the present situation of our country as ‘divided we stand, united we fall’.