Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fuel - Handle me with care

          Food, shelter and water are the three basic necessities which are required in life as they say. But with the current scenario, there is one more thing that has become a necessity sheerly for its usability…this is means of transport. Be it public transport, or own vehicle – it has become one of the ingredients of ‘basic’ life. And it is because of me that this basic necessity dwells upon. I am the driver of this essential.

          I have come a long way in seeing the way I have been used time and again for this essentiality of the humans. Centuries earlier when man invented the wheel, he was considered as an offender then, but when one looks back, this invention was a huge progression for mankind, who tried to dwell in unknown territory. But the invention of wheel was triggered with the use of me which acted as a catalyst for the boom in the automobile industry. 

          Though I come from a lineage that is into providing service for the mankind,it has been a long and treacherous journey. My ancestors were always living a life of pride because it was y pricing that depended the countries economy, politics and technology. My forefathers gained a respectable place in the society. This happened because of the rise of automobile industry all over the world. Currently, I command almost 90% vehicular needs all over. A rise in my prices leads to the rise in all usable non usable commodities, thus affecting inflation at large.

          Though on one side, I am boasting with pride for the kind of importance showered upon me worldwide, internally I am very saddened at the kind of situation mother earth is going through the saddening usage of me. My heart reaches out to the millions of money spending mechanisms and practices which are followed all over. These humans said to be brilliant and rational, use me in rather inhumane and harsh practices sometimes. Manier practices involving me enhance wastage of me. I suffer because of utter wasteage some humans create with their thinking and practices. Given a stage, I would like to bring forth the way humans can handle me.

          At a country level, there needs to be stringent policy decisions regarding the usage at mass level and allotment of me categorically. Countries advocating sensible use of me should unite and create awareness amongst other countries which do not respect my consumption. My counterparts from petroleum producing nations are boasting in pride for the amount of fuel storage they have, but they should sincerely understand that I am a non renewable source of energy and I need to be handled with sense. Wars are fought for the want of me, and I am the biggest sufferer to see innocent killings done for me.

          At the state level, there needs to be healthy distribution of me and my equivalents should be of top priority. Extensive calculations based on each state’s population and usage needs to be figured out to arrive at proper number for my distribution network.  Encouraging means of mass transport and public transport is the major decision which the state government needs to encourage.  
I see lot of buses unnecessarily plying without much human traffic. All of this saddens me because it is me who is burning.

          At city level, is where I see utmost waste consumption of me. Some concentrated efforts to save me will lead the entire mankind with heaps of goodness. Here I recall one song that touched me on one of my journeys…it was the legendary Michael Jackson and the lyrics goes like ‘I am asking the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been ever clearer. If you want the world a better place, just look at yourself and make the change’. It applies to all the human beings who use me. Using public transport more often, car pooling, creating monthly expenditure for the use of me, encouraging cycling, work from home options, using the vehicle only when required than driving without need are some of the advices I would like to give to my end user.
Companies should encourage employees to work from home for jobs that does not require physical presence of the employee. In the world where technology is at breath taking pace, such options are definitely viable to support. Controlling my use is controlling my pricing thereby affecting inflation.

          Creating awareness in villagers, in children and advocating the disadvantages of using me irrationally will lead me to a better tomorrow. Creating a hoax picture of misuse of me and its probable illeffects should be imbibed amongst the people, to help me survive longer. Hoardings, ads in all mass media communications needs to be flashed. I believe human beings act faster when they are shown pictures of emergency.

It is upon the minds and actions of the human beings to help me live longer. They enjoy at the expense of burning me. No one likes extinction, I am no different. I want to live as longer as I can. As my life is dependent on you- humans, please Handle me with care.  

PS - This post is a part of a blogging competition. This competition is to generate ideas to beat the fuel hikes. 
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