Monday, August 2, 2010

Conditioner called past

                This is a story of a life. About a voyage of a fellow called as a ‘heart’. He came into this world as an ambassador of goodwill and good faith. He came to ascertain the ways of this world and was installed along with the assembly of mind and soul . His existence into this world was like a clean slate. He developed himself to be like a sponge where he was to absorb the ways of life. He had his own way of looking into things. He nestled himself into the proceedings of life and to imbibe things which will help him figure out the meaning of life and relationships.

                 During his early days of childhood, ‘heart’s innocent eyes saw lot of pampering and lot of caring around. He saw many people looking after him. Many other ‘hearts’ cared for him. He realized that by making some sound and crying, he garnered lot of attention. He was nurtured and specially taken care of. He was sheltered into a cocoon of love and affection. Later as he grew up, he was surrounded by yet another group of ‘hearts’ and lot of curious minds. Their ways, culture, habits and way of looking at life was different than ‘heart’ . He was confused, as he got experiences which he was not accustomed to. Lot of questions kept running in his mind all the way as he familiarized himself with. This was his growing up years, from being a baby to teen.  He started developing an understanding of relationships with other hearts.

                Another stage of life grappled him with unusual experiences. This was the phase of teenage heart to being a mature one. Here he came across another sect of ‘hearts’ who had yet other interpretations of life. They had their own story to tell and our ‘heart’ imbibed a lot of them. His slate was being filled up with a lot of newer understandings of life. He realized that this world is not the way he conveived of at the time of his birth with na├»ve eyes and one needs lot of manipulations and improvisations to survive. He began to realize that these hearts carried with them a unique set of thoughts, cultures based on their own conditioning.

                During the course of his journey into understanding the way life unfolds for him – he came across a young and beautiful heart. A special ‘beat’ skipped for him whenever this special heart was around. Heart fell in love with this special heart and they started moving around. With his interactions with this special heart – he tried to identify himself somewhere. He was grappled at the way this special heart treated him and was also flattered at the way he himself felt about himself when in presence of the special heart. In due course of time- he proposed to her and she accepted. They started spending a lot more time with her.  He started getting to know this special heart and another layer of experiences added in his slate of life. He realized that each heart has his own way of dealing with things and the way other hearts condition themselves. He realized that the way his slate was getting designed because of the innumerable experiences he had, other hearts too had their platter of past and varied experiences. He got a much broader view of life.

                 He tried to understand how these relationships work with each other. How does this matrix of life called relationships unfurl. This intrigued himself so much that he started relating all events of his life with this puzzle. He figured out the layers he faced while being in a cocoon to an understanding heart.

                With his learnings he concluded that every beating heart is guided by a set of exclusive assortments of experiences, feelings, thoughts, nourishment of the mind, direction of the soul, understanding of human nature. Each and every relationship in this world is steered into the present condition because of the past. As one climbs the ladder of life taking one step at a time - these relationships creates a journey further based on the conditioner called past.