Friday, December 19, 2014

EnCompassing Life

          Long ago, during our childhood, we used to carry a thing which was of utmost use to all of us going to school. It was something which made its presence daily in our bags. Its contents were of utmost use to all of us at different stages/lectures in our schooling life. I am referring to the geometry ‘compass box’. The contents of this compass box had different use to each one of us at different times.

           A thought stuck to me that can we relate to the articles in this compass with the life we live in. Can we draw some parallels from these based on their characteristics and the way we use them. I have tried to draw analogy of the components to our life.

           Here is a take on the various components of the compass box and philosophical or light hearted parallels in our life. This came out from a thought that…what if each element had a story to tell which we can relate to the way we live our everyday life. For some of us it will be vague, for some it will be relative, for some it will be too philosophical and for someone it will be just a read. Nonetheless, lets see what each element has to tell us about life.


No matter how you are from outside, be what you are from the inside throughout. Not changing yourself from start to end is the key.
One has to go through lot of tribulations in life but tht will make a good person out of u
You can always erase certain unwanted things out of ur life
Be the same from start to end
You never know what you got in you unless you bring it on paper


Be the one who can erase all sorrows / unwanted things in life
When you give all of yourself to others, you can see them rewrite things
Be useful with what you have and what you can do

Ruler / Scale

No matter how crooked the world is, be straight in life..
People will rely on your ‘straightness’ for drawing lines in life

Sharpener -

You never know what you have unless someone makes use of you to ‘sharpen’ their skills. As a person moves on in his life drawing lines, he needs a point to pause and add value to himself to sharpen himself. He has to come to you to do that.

Compass and divider

You need your feet strongly grounded on ground to move places.
If your feet are properly grounded , you know how much your reach it based on the radius of your limitations

Set squares -

The fixed angles of you add to the perspective on which one wants to draw lines onto. Few look at life at a particular angle (say 45deg) and few at different (60 deg) perhaps. But many also look at a mix and match of all the possibilities of angles 45+30, 45+60 t explore life from different perspectives


You present life in all possibilities, come and pick and choose the angle depending on your requirement.
I present a ‘180 deg’ view of life. Choice is wide

These were the components of the compass box aka Life. We need all of these components with the characteristics they present to make the 'geometry of our life' more meaningful. As they are useful during our school days, its characteristics can be useful during our entire life  thus learnings from a compass box is like Encompassing our Life