Friday, July 22, 2011

Ride called Life

          There has been innumerable occasions where we are stuck up with different ideas and thoughts which keep lingering into one’s mind for long. It is these thoughts and ideas that shape our perspective towards many things in life and create this vision to look at things from ‘one’s perspective’. These ideas can strike you anywhere – in loo, in garden, whilst watering plants or while doing any activity not related to that particular thought.

          I have spent most of my life in my city moving on the bike and it is but obvious for me to spend some time churning out ideas whilst moving. One such thought which lingered in my mind for long was – is there any similarity with the way a bike is  designed and operated vis-à-vis our life. Can there be a traceable relationship between my bike and life. The answer left me pondering over the thought for longer and my mind ran parallel in search for this.

          The several parts of the bike can have a direct or indirect reference to either parts of our body or the way we look at life. The work of an engine can be similar to the functioning of our body. Being the core for the functioning of the bike, it can be related to the core of the human body. An effective and a well maintained engine ensures that the ‘vehicle’ lasts longer and in a stable manner.
A trigger is required in life to perform several duties and this is acquired by the spark plug which is bestowed with a similar function. Igniting the engine or the core is the main function of the spark plug upon which the engine performs its the duty. Does our brain work in a similar fashion?
The assembly of the accelerator, handle and brake work in tandem as drivers of our life, steering the way we move ahead and decelerate ourselves whenever  required. The mechanism and the function of these have a direct relation with our outlook towards life, the way we maneuver our thoughts, actions in different situations and control ourselves in different walks of life.  
Our moments of happiness, fun and happy times are the shock absorbers of our life and the more we fill our life with these- the more we are able to absorb the hard times in life well.
The luxuries and pleasures that we indulge in our life are the cushion of our bike, seating on which we can ride.
The fuel storage is the information bank i.e the memory bank we carry with ourselves which proves the silage for our day to day activities.   
Tyres come in direct contact with the road surface thereby creating wear and tear of it. These experiences are built with the kind of situations life offers.  
Exhausts are the part of the assembly which throws out unwanted things out of our life. Be it bad experiences, memories, feeling etc. It is the cleaner of our system.

But the ride on the bike makes it an interesting simile with life. The parts of the overall assembly needs to be maintained well to keep them moving the way they should be. One must enjoy the ride of the life striking a balance between the lovely visuals along the ride as well as steering well between the traffic and potholes of life.
Whatever the road, enjoying the journey of life and creating a joy ride is the key to ‘ride called life’.