Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dream to chat with you

Chatting – what an amazing tool to connect yourself to someone you want to. It is one activity which forms the basis of our being. we as humans are constantly in need to connect to someone. Chatting in person has a personal touch to it. Now, Virtual chatting too has become practical means to share and explore ‘the me’ with ‘the you’. It helps to connect/reconnect with all our past, present acquaintances, friends, relatives alike. A random thought brought up by the 'We chat' group interested me in particular – the topic being 'whom would you connect (anyone alive/dead/ fictional) with in a wechat group'. This topic serves a possibility to explore the imaginative dimensions to connect the me with the unknown. After a exhaustive search within myself, I came up with those five souls I would like to connect myself to.

The first soul certainly has to be my baby daughter. She is seven months old and I am often intrigued by the way she might be thinking at this particular age. The amusement to know what dwells in her mind when me and my family talk, play, make funny faces, sounds in front of her. Does she think of us as a set of entertainers or has got some different take about it. This thought intrigues me. How does she look at things around her? How and what is she absorbing amongst the gamut of things she happens to see each day.  It is indeed a blank hard drive which is going to be fed with data with each passing day. I would definitely like to bond with this thought matrix of hers.

Second soul has to be my brother, whom I could never really talk to because he wasn’t there when I was born. Given a chance I would certainly like to have long and perennial conversations with him. Not having him around and still wanting to talk to him is the unusual dimension which I would like to explore in these talks.

Third soul which I would definitely like to chat and know more about is Chanakya. With the kind of extremely upsetting state of affairs our country is facing, it would be noteworthy to have a comprehensive conversation with him to help our countrymen come out of this rut. How much of his values principles need redefinition in today’s context needs to be questioned and the strategies to overcome the dilemmas our country is facing. His take on the contemporary state our politics is, would help to ascertain  the right track for our country.

Fourth on my list of people I would love to have a chat is Pete Sampras. My sporting hero that he is, would definitely like to have dialogue with him on the game of tennis, how he used to approach his game, his preparations and much more. An interesting chat this would be surely for me, for the kind of humility, grace, dignity he displayed in his entire sporting career.

Lastly I would want to have prolonged chat with is the musical maestro Mr A.R Rahman. A discourse with this genius would surely be enlightening for me. What amazes me about his work is the detailing of music which is being worked out in his songs. As it is said that 'God lies in the details' , and it is in this detailing of his work, that i feel a divine intervention. His work is like a fluid medium which embraces differentiation  improvisation and is always ahead of times. A maverick that he is, would definitely prove to give an insightful dimension to the way one approaches life. I believe there are immense things to be known and learnt from this prodigy , the lessons which are  hidden deep within the layers of silence, humility and focus on his work. It is through these conversations that the true face of this person could be seen.

There could be more to the list of such people to know more about life- but to shotlist these are the people topping my list for ‘Dream to chat with you ’. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Invisible Love - My entry for the get published contest

Love can only be realized when one drowns in its depths. Love is also finding about oneself than finding someone else. It is the emotion which has began life and the elemental sentiment that revolves the world.

'Invisible love' is a story of pure love which is felt by the senses except for the sense of sight. Two hearts beating in two different parts of the world get connected to each other through the medium of the internet. What is conceived as a mere friendship blossoms into an extraordinary feeling of love for the two. Both of them become inseparable on the virtual world and carry each other in their minds in the real world. They decide to bridge the gap between the virtual and real when they decide to meet after knowing each other 'virtually' for six years and things take an ugly turn minutes before their first meeting. They had planned months before their first meeting as it was supposed to be an absolute spiritual experience for them. But with the unusual turn of event before seeing each other brings forth the harsh realities of life and tests their convictions and the feeling of love for each other. This incident also puts forth their true faces not only in front of the other but also in front of themselves. The incident jostles both of them and their dreamy picture of the first sight of each other turns into an unexpected rendezvous. The incident proves to be a test of their invisible love. 

What makes the story real –
The drive for attaining pure love and the lengths to which one can go to achieve it makes the story more compelling, riveting. To love another without any bias, to create and nurture a garden of unconditional love needs a strong heart, willing soul with strong spirituality.

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