Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A festival called world cup win

A lot has been said, shown and discussed about the historic world cup win against a mighty opponent last Saturday. The moment’s, energy and enthusiasm is still afresh in manier minds. But a lot more needs to be said about what one crucial win has done to the entire nation.

This sport has done something to the nation what no government of sixty four independent years has done to the country. It has become a language which holds together the country.  The Indian captain has done something which none of our political heros could achieve. He has brought back a genuine, simple and purest of smiles back to the millions of Indians across the world. He brought back the feeling of being proud of an Indian and made all those eyes watching that win a sense of utter delight which no other event than 1983 win brought. Our hearts were filled with tears and hearts with love for the game. The Indian team not only brought the cup to the country but also kept the excitement, anticipation and were true to the expectations of all cricket fans.  

Rightly quoted by one of the politicians that this victory has brought in a new dimension to the Indian perspective. A statement that India shouldn’t be taken lightly on the world map and we can prove when needed. Indians needed a real reason to celebrate, to dance on streets, to play the dhols, music and simply dance without any inhibitions. It needed to come to the streets without the fear of a terrorist attack, without an impending political intention. The sight of the Indian tricolor flying high on many hands is etched in our minds.The men in blue gave us all reason to celebrate with utmost valor. The entire country is basking in the glory which 11 players on green field brought to the nation.

Recent major outings of Indian cricket on the International arena have gained mass public following. The famous T20 world cup win, number one test team and many more victories in the recent past have made us Indians proud of their achievements. But a much anticipated world cup win was the icing on the cake. Enjoyment met many forms of expressions. Pool of cars on street, people dancing on top of the cars, water baths on many, hi-fives all around, hugs to strangers, dhols, music flowing through the air took the kind of expressions after a famous Indian triumph. It was dreamlike! This just means to show what cricket means to us and how powerful it is a tool to bridge the gap between people of different communities, sects etc. No one was cheering for the players of their states, regions ; they were cheering for India- which mattered.

The 15 players made us patriotic one more time, they made us fanatical one more time, they made us self-important one more time. Such thoughts of self beliefs and patriotism rarely come these days, other than a surprise terrorist attack or a bomb scare. Mr Dhoni, captured the hearts of millions and like Kapil Dev did in 1983, gave us a reason to celebrate. He gave the current generation chance to feel the magic- which a ‘world cup win’ can give. 
He gave the reason for the people of current era to be proud to live and to see the historic moment. Replays of that famous six to get the winning runs, his look on the face watching that ball soar into the stands, his antics with the willow meant just one gesture- we are the champions. This moment is going to be played time and again in the minds of us.

Conquering one massive opponent after another, this Indian team ultimately conquered the highest honour of world cricket. Thanks guys for installing and awakening the hidden patriotism in the hearts of Indians. Lets find ourselves more reasons to be patriotic and celebrate India more often, other than cricket. Lets us look for more moments to celebrate like this one gave us. Let us look at more festivals like this one was – ‘A festival called world cup win’.