Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hypocrites rule the roost

                     I often question myself- why we have to live in a world full of rules and regulations. A world full of do’s and don’ts, of haves and have not’s, a world guided by discipline seekers and law makers. A world where a ruling party decides the fate of the nation. The common man is at the receiving end of all and he has to abide to all the laws of the books. If one has to trace down the growth as a country, one must look into the ideologies of the particular ruling party.

As far as India’s progress goes- we have been steered into the new decade of the 21st century mostly by one party who ruled for 58 years at the central level. Tracking India’s growth over all these years – there have been innumerous stalwart decisions and leaders, but equally menancing and fraudulent people at the decision level. But one question that can haunt many of us Indians is – are we heading towards the right direction inspite of being free for almost 64years. Where is our standing in terms of development towards the right path goes. Inspite of the growth trend on a upward curve, we are after expanding Indian land in horizontal direction. Grabbing parcels, mountains, hills, rivers, canals for so called development is the regular practice of the babus who sit and do almost nothing at the government offices. A look into any well positioned government officer can give a picture that he is more interested in amassing wealth from improper means and creating property pools. Diverting decisions, creating means of escape, not abiding to the law, procrastinating decisions have left us Indians bereft of the sense of pride we should have been enjoying.

               The recent news surrounding India creates a kind of panic situation and also the one of unrest. Impounding terror attacks, corruption creeping its head, malpractices all around, counter attacks of political parties on each other, mind games of the leaders for each other and many more. Much more disheartening is the fact that one comes to know that everything is staged – right from post of a chief minister to inflation, to common wealth games, scams, phone tappings, matches .Everything seems to be a part of a perfectly scripted reality show, where the audience keeps voting through smses, whilst the winner is pre decided.

               Most of the rulings by the court for national level cases are either deferred or are favoured by the person pumping more money. Be it IPL mess, Kalmadi’s histrionics, Raja’s notoriety, lobbying of the newsmakers for key decisions of national interest, everything happening around the country is well decided in advance and executed. Money rules. Even awards are not spared – there is a beeline to buy awards.

               The common man is nothing but left as a mere spectator to these dramatic events unfolding in front of him everyday. Decisions taken at very large scale percolate to the common man in manier smaller ways – price hikes, tax hikes, etc. The common man is merely party to these decision turners. With dirty politics and selfish grabbing the prime mottos, the genuineness of present time leaders is questionable.

               Often do we see many allegations, revelations, scandals, scams pointed at most of the politicians and leaders alike. These prove to be a good fodder for ‘breaking news’ for the aam janta. But these so called ‘breaking news’ turn into ‘broken down’ news after a while, with either public loosing interest in the matter or the case being suppressed. This has become the order of the day since history. The common man is being choreographed into this mode of life. Debate, discuss and 'carryon' is the modus operandi subscribed by most. These leaders take advantage of such an attitude and stage histrionics one after another.

We are nothing but living in environs where manipulation is the name of the game and ‘hypocrites rule the roost’. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Graph'ing Photo -4

Addition to the collection

Experiments with firecrackers during Diwali

Matheran - could capture nature at best during the wee hours of morning